His Name Was Merle: Our Journey Through Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s Disease hits many families, leaving them clinging to memories and unsure of the future. In His Name Was Merle: Our Journey Through Alzheimer’s Disease, I share the story of my father’s life with Alzheimer’s and the impact on our family. I try to give you the book I didn’t have, one that captures some of the day-to-day experiences of our life with Alzheimer’s. This book is a loving collection of memories of my father and our family, as well as a resource for other families.


In this book, I present, through our story, information you may be wondering about or not have considered. This includes:

• Care questions you will face early on: Can your loved one be cared for at home? How do you know when it is time to consider moving your loved on to a specialized facility?

• Issues faced by the primary caretaker.

• Emotional needs of the primary caretaker: What should your family consider when deciding on the best care options for your loved one?

• Emotions, including guilt or anxiety, over decisions related to the care and treatment of your loved one.

• Questions to consider when faced with tough end-of-life discussions.

• Coping methods and ideas.

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